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For athletes and individuals looking to successfully

combine their sport/fitness,

family-life and career without compromise.

My services

movement assessment


With movement assessment we review how your body
moves through natural everyday movement patterns. This is to find any imbalances, compensations and lack of range throughout the body. From there we will then walk through basic strength training exercise, talking about alignment, proper engagement and form. Movement assessments are important when looking for a personalized program as this helps to isolate specific movements to help increase your strength

*this can be provided over Zoom*

Personal Programming


What you receive:

  • 4 weeks of programming based on discussion of your needs and your schedule
  • Programming Tracking Sheet
  • written breakdown of each movement with option for video descriptions
  • option for accountability emails
  • Provide recommendations on all the other aspects that might be limiting your performance such as detailed assistance on performing the exercises, mobility, nutrition, and recovery.

Program Review


Programming reviews are beneficial to help you get a full understanding of how this program aligns with your goals. The goal is to make you will feel more confident and motivated about your training plan once we have worked through it together.

We will perform each exercise together where I will coach you through to make sure you are performing each movement safely and correctly, that no pain is happening anywhere in the body. I will give you cues to help your awareness of the particular muscle group we are trying to focus on. From here, we can make any adjustments that are needed before you even dive in.

My expertise

Specialized programming

I’ve built specialized programing for individual who are excited to take on new challenges like the Yukon Quest, Reckless Raven Ultra, Whitehorse Trail Marathon, Kluane Chilkat Bike race, 70.3 Ironman, and 140.6 Ironman.

Injury prevention

I started building training programs for individuals recovering from injuries and motor vehicle accidents through my placement in Napanee Physio Clinic. These strength programs were specifically for the individual’s needs, time availability, space availability (inside a gym or at home) and lifestyle. I got people moving and living pain free.

Testimonials from people I have worked with