Erica Van Vlack

I grew up on a farm in Napanee, Ontario, moved to BC in my early 20’s and ended up in Whitehorse. Two things you should know about me: I gotta be outdoors and I CAN’T STOP MOVING!

I’ve combined my love of moving my body with the skills to teach others how to dramatically improve their fitness and maximize the other areas of their lives.

I’ve taken surgeons who have been hunched over patients for hours doing surgery, taught them how to regain their mobility and eliminate the pain they had when they were locked up.

I’ve trained and supported business owners who barely have time to drive by the gym, let alone go in. I have shown them how to carve out time for their nutrition and made putting in the reps effortless for them.

I’ve worked with mothers who have had low-back pain since giving birth and helped them find their core and learn how to relieve those low-back problems.

I get results for athletes and individuals looking to successfully combine their sport/fitness, family-life and career without compromise.

My "Why" As a Trainer

My focus when working with individuals is injury prevention, life-training balance and realistic goal setting. I don’t just train people, I also incorporate nutrition, psychology and teach you how to listen to your body. For every client, I strive to find the right mix of challenging and supporting them.

I started building training programs for individuals recovering from injuries and motor vehicle accidents through my placement in Napanee Physio Clinic.  These strength programs were specifically for the individual’s needs, time availability, space availability (inside a gym or at home) and lifestyle. I got people moving and living pain free.

To date (April 2019) I have completed:

13 half marathons, 5 full marathons (placed 1st, 2nd and 5th in my division), 1 ultramarathon- Carcross- Whitehorse YT, Full Kluane Chilkat Bike race, 3 sprint triathlons, 3 Olympic triathlons, 1 half Ironman triathlons

Some of my training for others

I’ve built specialized programing for individual who are excited to take on new challenges like the Yukon Quest, Reckless Raven Ultra, Whitehorse Trail Marathon, Kluane Chilkat Bike race, 70.3 Ironman, and 140.6 Ironman.

My Educational Background

I graduated from Durham College in 2008 with a Fitness & Health Promotion and Certified Personal Trainer degree and completed my placement at Napanee Physiotherapy Clinic as a Personal Trainer/Physio Assistant. I then completed the Mountain Adventure Skills and Tourism program in Fernie BC. In 2012, moved to Whitehorse in 2013 and have called Whitehorse home ever since.

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Private/Group Training

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